Hey There

I'm Dorci Hill

Always on the go and moving, I was a dancer from age 4 through college. During college I lost my mom to cancer and decided to forego the medical track in lieu of a more holistic path. After 2 hospital visits in 12 months in my early 30s, I decided this was not the lifestyle I had envisioned for myself! Working with a holistic naturopath, I got off all medications, including one for ,y heart and develop a healthy, organic lifestyle free from any meds or vaccines for 15+ years. (Yeppers – you read that right! It’s possible my friend! AND I did it long before living organic, clean and happy were common goals and I’m still living that lifestyle to this day!!!)

I knows what it takes to create a successful business while enjoying a healthy mind, body & spirit. By implementing simple steps and micro-habits, I was able to create a healthy routine that fits my personal and business lifestyle. Even while traveling, these habits keep me healthy, energetic and able to complete projects without depleting my “healthy tank”. While transitioning my sick and tired personal life I was also creating and running a successful mid-six figure residential & commercial cleaning service. I did it and I can show you how to achieve this life and live it in your unique style!

Fun Facts about ME!!!

Okay, OK! Enough about me already. I want to know about YOU!
So hit me up, (with that really pretty purply-blue contact Dorci button below) and let’s schedule a chat to see how I can help you make this life you’re living even more amazing!!!

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